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Hey Tumblr :)
This is what me and my dorm room look like right now.
I look awkward because I hate pictures lolz
Goodnight now

Hey Tumblr :)

This is what me and my dorm room look like right now.

I look awkward because I hate pictures lolz

Goodnight now

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I am in the car right now!

Because sjadhglaisugduislkj I am GOING to COLLEGE

See you in a bit<3

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I quit my job today!

Because I’m going to school! I finally got to leave <3

That place has had its ups and downs. But I’m glad to be out of there.

The first thing I did when I finished my shift was to take off my mandatory non-slip shoes and chuck them right in the fucking garbage before the astonished stares of my managers and the other servers. And then I walked out. And went to a party. Without any shoes.

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Hi guys, I’m back!

Personal post time; if you don’t care then just move along :]

I realize I haven’t posted in a while and that that’s inexcuseable but there are two reasons:

  1. I broke my super crappy old laptop, and the only other computer I had available to me was so slow it couldn’t even run Tumblr without crashing … but now I have a super fantastic, beautiful new laptop (because I’m going to COLLEGE soon) so … I’m back.
  2. I’ve been super incredibly busy, working a lot and trying to make as much money as I can before starting school, as well as some fun things and college preparations. Fun things include:
  • Graduation
  • My 18th birthday (in FOUR DAYS OH MY GOD)
  • Six Flags trip I’ve been trying to organize … :P
  • Five-day trip to New Orleans to visit family (I’m so, SO excited. I swear my heart belongs in that town. Although I will, unfortunately, be missing my best friend's birthday D: - I got her a REALLY REALLY AWESOME gift but I won't say what it is here because she follows this blog :3)

[Here’s where I get into hippie-related stuff that I wanted to tell you] Speaking of New Orleans trip, as a graduation present, my grandmother gave me two “travel vouchers” that basically say she will buy me plane tickets to anywhere in the Continental US, between now and 2015 (when I graduate college, we hope). So, so awesome. So the NOLA trip is one of them, and as for the other… I’m thinking Southern California next summer. Berkeley much?!! Or maybe I should visit Woodstock, New York (although it probably won’t be the same without masses of people and Jimi Hendrix).

And finally, a personal story I wanted to share:

I snuck out late at night the last time there was a full moon. It was a hot, hot June night and flashes of heat lightning kept streaking across the sky. I went to a clearing I know by my neighbor’s house where I sat down on the ground and watched the lightning and stared at the moon for hours… but the part that was truly amazing was that the trees all around were lit up with hundreds and hundreds of fireflies. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. I just wanted to share that with you all, and fix it permanently in my mind <3

Okay, long post. Sorry. Peace <3 and goodnight.

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    Walked around the supermarket barefoot earlier

    every single person glanced at me, then did a double take at my clothes, then panned down and saw I was wearing no shoes. They then gave me a really scared face and quickly moved on

    what’s so scary about freedom?

    I have to walk across a very busy road to get home from my bus stop, and a lot of times I’ve kicked off my shoes by the end of the day. I get lots of strange looks from drivers XD Have they never heard of the joy that is warm weather?

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    the Weekly Tarot

    doesn’t seem to be as popular as I was hoping it would be, so I’m going to stop doing them.

    I have two more week’s worth scheduled, so I’m just going to let them play themselves out… but I need some new ideas from you all.

    I’ll take any suggestions: what do you want to see on this blog?

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    Okay, so let me start by clarifying a few things.

    For starters, I’m just an average girl who is pretty much fascinated by the era of the sixties and seventies in which peace was the way to go, change was achieved through nonviolent protest, and people cared a hell of a lot more about things than they do today.

    That being said, I can’t really call myself a hippie for a few reasons:

    • I eat meat. Like, all the time. I do try to buy organic and free-range, however, so at least the poor thing doesn’t have to suffer for its deliciousness.
    • I do not smoke marijuana. Don’t ask me this please. If you’re looking for a marijuana blog, try or (otherwise known as
    • I take showers.
    • I wear normal clothes made out of normal materials like cotton and even the odd synthetic.

    So basically, I’m an average teenage girl. I do listen to a lot of superold music though :) And I do recycle obsessively, celebrate Earth day like a wierdo, and think “An Inconvenient Truth” is one of the greatest films ever made.

    What you can expect from this blog:

    • Fairly erractic updates. I’m a busy person.
    • Music from the era ranging from the late 50’s to the early 80’s.
    • News clips and videos of events from the movement.
    • Photos, text, and other posts celebrating all of hippiedom.
    • (More or less) regular Tarot readings (yes I read Tarot - side note : I’m not very good at it but trying to get better) and Zodiac tidbits submitted by a dear friend of mine.
    • Random crap I find on the Internet - because, hey, whose blog isn’t like that? ;)

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